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Could this be The Block’s next project?

To locals it’s known simply as “the mausoleum” – Scott Cam’s once proud childhood home that has sat sadly, and eerily vacant for almost seven years.

But its very colourful history and blue chip location could make me it an ideal location for the next series of Cam’s hit TV show The Block.

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Sold by Cam’s mother Gay in 2015 for $2.6m, the three-bed home in an idyllic seaside location in Sydney’s sought-after Eastern Suburbs sat largely abandoned for years.

Scott Cam’s childhood home.

The site sits in a cracking location.

The property at 11 Chris Bang Crescent Vaucluse was then sold again in 2017 for $3.025m.

However, ever since it has continued to be mired in controversy after claims were made to Waverley Council that the builders went well beyond the scope of the approved Development Application granted, to the anger of locals who banded together to “defend their lifestyles and the community”.

One artist’s impression of what the property would look like.

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Is The Block host Scott Cam the man to rejuvenate the site of his childhood home?

Those aspects of the development that allegedly went beyond the scope of the DA included allegedly unapproved rooftop access offering district views, breached setbacks, two garages instead of one and building on council land.

Council has since slapped a stop work order on the site and it has sat relatively untouched for over a year.

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A visit to the site, reveals a half-built subdivision largely left to the elements, sitting within a dilapidated half-finished brick wall, held together by pieces of wood.

A stray dog wanders around the site, past massive chunks of concrete discarded on the property’s upper levels.

How the home once looked.

Supplied Editorial An artsist impression of the approved DA for 11 Chris Bang Cres Vaucluse

Another artist impression of how the site could look.

Through the rusting wire of a patchwork perimeter fence, a bilious green pool full of rainwater can be spotted at the back of property.

Refuse lays strewn across the unfinished garages that have never caressed the tyres of a Toyota Corolla let alone those of a Porsche SUV, which seem ubiquitous in the ritzy suburb of Vaucluse.

Neighbours say they are sick of the sight of the unfinished development.

However, the site location itself spills over with potential like the natural waterfall that cascades down the cliff edge nearby.

The site could offer plenty for The Block contestants.

It’s seems the perfect opportunity for The Block to provide an emotional homecoming of sorts for its celebrated presenter Cam and also a return to Sydney and the eastern suburbs where the show last featured in 2010.

Leading real estate sales agent and star of the streaming series Luxe Listings Sydney Gavin Rubinstein knows a good property and a good opportunity for a TV show when he sees one.

“Absolutely The Block should return to Sydney – there’s no real estate market in Australia as competitive, intense and enticing as Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs,” he said.

“Vaucluse is iconic and quintessentially Sydney with world-class beaches and restaurants right at your doorstep. It’s a lifestyle that is hard to beat.

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Gavin Rubinstein and his team.

“11 Chris Bang Crescent has unlimited potential with views that demand seven figures.

“This year alone I’ve sold 22 properties in Vaucluse and the surrounding areas, and there is always demand for this stretch of the East, making it a solid investment.

“Property prices in Sydney have cooled, however so have most other asset classes and none more so than high growth equities.

But we’ve always seen great demand for Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, especially for well-built and architecturally considered homes.”

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Belle Property sales agent Peter Starr was last involved in selling the home and he too said it was full of potential.

“It’s a location that certainly has a lot to offer,” he said.

“It’s a great part of the world there and has pretty much everything you could want nearby for that easy lifestyle.”

Over to you Scott Cam.