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Sonita and Gopal Ganda are selling their medieval-style house in Leumeah. Picture: Jeremy Piper

A Western Sydney house styled as a castle with a moat, towers and even a throne-style toilet has come up for sale in one of the most unusual offerings in recent years.

The medieval-style castle on a cul-de-sac in the Campbelltown area stands out among the surrounding conventional homes with its stone facade, turrets, gargoyles and front wall with arrowslits.

Inside is a patchwork of timber beams, stained glass windows and stonework, with the owner explaining that “hidden features” would be revealed to whoever purchased the property.

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It’s currently for sale through an expressions of interest campaign but seller Sonita Ganda has been mum on her price expectations, revealing she was still awaiting “feedback” from the market.

The medieval style castle features 10 turrets, gargoyles and stained glass.

The property last sold in 2014.

Ms Ganda said the interest in the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house home has been substantial so far.

They’ve restricted viewings only to those with pre-approval for a loan due to getting long lines of curious neighbours wanting to see the inside, which she said was something of a local “landmark”.

“When we opened it, the whole street came. Now we need to control it,” she said.

Ms Ganda and partner Gopal purchased the Leumeah property in 2014 from the builder, who had designed the medieval house to remind him of his native England.

Ms Ganda had urged her partner to purchase the property to prove his love for her.

“He always told me I was his Queen. I said to him ‘prove it’. So we did. He’s a bit of a romantic,” she said.

Only serious buyers are being shown through the home.

The medieval theme continues even in the bathroom.


The couple are interested in medieval themed events.

The couple are regular attendees at medieval themed events and, when the property was last listed for sale in 2014, she had arrived at the open for inspection in medieval garbs

“The agent said ‘I’m going to sell this to you’. He could maybe have sold it for more,” Ms Ganda said. “The whole house, it’s like stepping into a story book.”

She added that there was potential to turn the property into a wedding venue with the addition of another storey to house.

The house was built by former owner Ron Farmer in the 1970s. He was reported to have moulded each stone into the desired shapes with a concrete mixer and included shield and lion details throughout the property.

There are said to be hidden features inside.


Ms Ganda said the home was like something out of a storybook.

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Records showed the property last traded for $480,000 eight years ago after spending close to a year on the market. The median price of houses in Leumeah is currently $750,000. The house has been rented out to tenants in recent years.